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Freebies : Kpop Header #2
Friday, 14 December 2012 | 9 Comments

Assalamualaikum . Saya nak post freebies kedua . Post kali ni , header Exo-K . Sorry kalau korang tak suka . Exo-M dalam proses saya tengah buat . Do comment. 

Dilarang Re-Freebies tanpa credit . Comment after you take it .

800 x 300


Blogger this is how life's go everyday said...

annyeong!! nak amik header hubb tersayang [chanyeol XD] nice header...

Blogger this is how life's go everyday said...

annyeong!!!*bow* nak amik gambo hubby [chanyeol] taw!! nice headers!! ^^

Blogger Dinaaaaa' said...

Annyeong2 . nak amik header baekhyun boleh . btw nice :)

Blogger Lilie @ Nurin ;) said...

nak amik sehun dengan chnayeol ya? thankss :D

Blogger Ainaa said...

I've take D.O header :o

Blogger Farihah Athirah said...

unnie kte mintak satu ea ? :D

Blogger Farihah Athirah said...

thanks~ :3

Blogger Ainaa said...

Annyeong :D
Saya ambil Header Suho okay? >.<
Gomawoo :*

Blogger Nureen Sofiya said...

Annyeong :)

saya amik sehun. Thankss..


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